About the Company MixPromo LLC

Project Mix Promo started 2012 and quickly moved from a startup to a stage of active development.

Conditions for rapid growth was provided due to the fact that the project MixPromo is implemented within the framework of the group of companies, which has more than 15 years experience in trading and manufacturing business, including international.

MixPromo quickly established itself on the market stable supplier major mobile advertising structures, such as Roller stands (RollUp) Banner stands (L-Banner, X-Banner), Exhibition stands Pop Up, Pop Up Bag,  Pop Up Counter, Promo Table, Advertising mobile partitions (Press Wall), POS materials.

In the framework of the program of expansion of assortment, the company MixPromo added a range of advertising structures with electronic elements. It is Running Led string (Led Bar) and Lightboxes (LightBox), which allow to allocate additional shops sales and salon services, as well as presentational events.

Besides delivery of advertising structures company MixPromo performs high-quality large-format and interor printing on various modern materials: Banner canvas, Synthetic canvas, Polypropylene, photographic Paper. Printing is carried out on modern plotter by Roland VS-649i with resolution of up to 1440 dpi.

One of the priority directions of MixPromo business development is constant improvement of the On-line service, which should facilitate communication of company managers and clients for deliveries of goods and provision of services.

MixPromo today it is a strong advertising and production company with its own production and warehouse complex in Ivanteevka, Moscow region and a branch office in Moscow city, equipped with modern office equipment and communication equipments.

MixPromo confidently provides the reliability and quality of performance of orders because:

First, the company MixPromo supports warehouse program on the most popular positions of advertising constructions and regularly orders new batch of goods from producers.

Second, the company Mixpromo has sufficient financial resources to carry on a contractual basis of almost any contract on delivery of the goods at its own expense with a minimum advance payment.

Third, the quality policy of the company MixPromo guarantees the elimination of any complaint within two days by replacing the item or return of money to the client.       

advertising structures
  • Moscow region

    Ivanteevka, Sanatorium passage house 1 Building 2 (on site TSNIP SDM)

    +7 (495) 215 17 11

    3-27, local at the entrance

  • 109147, Moscow

    Yartsevskaya Str., h.27/9, floor 17

    +7 (495) 215-17-11